Thursday, 15 November 2012


I dreamed last night
everyone does
but not always.

Not a typical night
I dreamed.

It was weird
a bit intimidated
by my dream.

I married some random girl
whom I didn't know
my parent did.

We went somewhere
for the wedding
and honeymoon.

I was in a room
with my new bride
I don't even know her name
yet I have to sleep with her
marry her.

But things didn't happen
as it approached the end
truth revealed
she wasn't whom she was
she was a ghost
her whole family was.

Somewhat I was relieved
for not having to go through
my dream till the end
not because she's a ghost
but because of the marriage thing.

Even in my dream
I kept thinking
can I be with her
when I am 'like this'.

My worries
know no boundaries.

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  1. Being "like this" would be the last thing I wanted to be too. That was not a dream you're having, it's nightmare CB! Give life a chance and they'll be nice to you. Life is dull if there's no issues and problems. I offer you no solutions, but I can provide you some peace of mind. May not solve the issues, but I might guide you through for as long as we live. Remember, you're still not alone.

    1. I cannot consider it as nightmare because I was not feeling scared. Anyway, thank you for your words. And yes I know, I am not alone. You're with me right? =)

  2. Oh yes Beautiful Soul CB. You can count on me. We are going to get through this alone, but you have me at the other side for sure. Let this life lesson guide us through with all the remaining positivity we acquired. Please post in Bahasa too. Your words are as beautiful as your soul. Love the way you put your feeling in Bahasa Melayu. I feel you. I tak boleh, nanti bila my post dalam Bahasa Melayu meaning dia jadi lain. Dari dulu Bahasa Melayu I teruk. Selalu translate English to Bahasa. Ke longkang lah jawabnya. I am learning from you at one corner :)

  3. Seiring masa, manusia akan berubah.