Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Between a gap.

I have a bit of free time, right now.
A free time which I created myself by skipping a class.
Well, I have straight full attendance.
Skipping one won't hurt, right?
So here I am, in between a gap, waiting for another class, I write my entry.

Before, I was in my Bahasa class. We did a presentation.
By 'we' I mean my partner and I. Only the two of us for a group.
It was a failure and don't wanna tell why.
But I can say this, the presentation was overall from his idea.

But I said nothing.
Except from this one time, a friend of mine commented about a video we showed,
I blatantly pointed at him, but not blaming him for sure.
My mouth said nothing because I don't even care.
My principle is, let bygones be bygones.

While I was in the midst of doing another of my Bahasa assignment, he texted me, just now in fact.
"Do not blame me 100%. It's a team play, so take the blame equally. Everything was not my fault."
Something along that line. I was shocked.
Did he think I blamed him?
I replied by saying it was okay, I just don't even care. Chillax.
That is the truth, nothing but truth.

It's up to him to think whatever he wants.
When people know they are wrong, they quickly make an excuse.
Luckily, people like me, either do not care or just easy to forgive.
At least, he triggered me to post something here.
Rather than forever silence. =)

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