Sunday, 30 December 2012

The question that made me thinking.

I should be looking at my notes right now,
revising what have I learned,
making last minutes preparations,
like how I always do.

But just now, I had a quick chat with my friend
we have only been friends since I was form 5,
means it is only 3 years since we first knew each other.

He is shy yet decisive,
cute yet manly.

Our conversation was all around his new relationship
he is got himself a partner, girlfriend, his first.

I said I was jealous of him
for being able to have someone
who loves him.

Then a question came from him,
"Instead of being jealous, why don't you find yourself one?"
I wasn't shock instead was dumbfounded.

He was right,
and I actually know the answer,
just sometimes I forget.

As the blog says, I am confuse,
I do not which is which for me to choose.

In fact I am scared.
If my choice is wrong,
happiness will not be in my way
so thus the people around me.

I am, until today,
could not find the what is right for me.


  1. try ur best to find it....

    good luck fwend =)

  2. semua ada psgn masing2..kdg x yah cari pon boleh terjumpa tnpa disangka2..relax k..its normal..