Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Cuti-cuti Johor.

Aiskrim perisa cempedak! Yummy!!!

Steamboat. Eat till tour stomach burst out only for RM20/person.

Nothing much here. 

A pencil case bought at Puteri Harbour.

Nasi beriyani gam. I thought it was scrumptious, but my dad thought the otherwise.

Nasi Lemak ayam was indeed mouth watering.

Chicken chop, yet delicious. 

McD, I can get it anywhere but there was a day I was craving for it. So I went and get some. :P

Mee Bandung Muar. Extremely Delicous. Be warn, you need to be patience coz you'll be entertained  before your turn comes. 
All I did was eat. I ate lots of food and bought nothing except the pencil case.

Monday, 28 January 2013


Quick update!

It has been over a year since I started studying here in KL. I only realized tonight, I don't know the road in KL at all. Yes I admit, I didn't go out often. I spent more time inside my campus, lazing and sleeping the whole fregging time. My resolution for the coming semester, need to find KL friend and go out with him showing me ways around. I was too scared to drive around KL before, this is the time to break the wall.  

p/s: writing this while on my way back from a splendid vacation.

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Ramble and mumble.

Watching House and
lately The Firm
brings me to experiences
I never had
or would have

The writer, producer or whatever
had done a good job keeping me
attached in front of the dumb box.

In House
seeing doctors finding ways
to save a patient was interesting
but then they made the main characters
House, Chase, Taub so on and so forth
involved in their own problems
that my friends
was extremely breathtaking.

Next in The Firm
lawyers trying to save their clients

However the twist is
they got their hand
investigating a massive
killing of patients
by an insurance company.

Watching these two
made my heart pounded
like it was going to explode.

I might be amuse by small things
but these was awesome!

Friday, 18 January 2013


These are my confessions:

1. I hate writing in English.
2. I hate writing long entries.
3. I am trying to stop watching porn.

No. 3,
This is embarrassing
I am blushing to death
good lord no one knows me.
*evil laugh* HAHAHA!!!

But I am not addicted though
bare in your mind that
coz I ain't no pervert. *with negro style*


It's been a while since my last post.

I am currently at my hometown
lazing, piling up my fat (?).

Nothing much to do
except sleeping after dawn
waking up at 4 pm

My biological clock
is all tangled up
I have no idea
how to untie it.

I got a PR account
and I almost got busted
slipped of the tongue
my bad
but with my intelligence * puke*
I got it all covered

Anyway that's all
I cannot wait to go back to my uni
because when I am at home
I gain weight,
and I am gaining it now

Sunday, 6 January 2013


Remember I lost my blackberry
Not even a month of using it.

I got a replacement for it
It is not fancy
But it is more than enough for me.

At least now I can write my blog
Right through my phone.

I bought a Galaxy Note 1
Not Note 2, way to expensive for me
Student needs to act like a student.

Anyway that is it

Saturday, 5 January 2013


It is not that I am not busy
I still have my exams
and the hardest is yet to come.

But seems like I have been possessed
or something similar
everyday I will listen and download
songs of Girls' Generation!

I just cannot stop
they have put a charm on me!

Their new album
I Got A Boy

Okay, got to watch their comeback show
Romantic Fantasy
till then, adios amigos!

Friday, 4 January 2013

I am becoming more of a stalker!

Even I, myself
feel disgust when I am about to write this entry.

I have been living in a hostel
since I started high school
my sexual desire was known
due to some experiences I had at the time.

Now, I am still living in my university's college@hostel.

My first semester here
my room was at the very end of the block
so the view from my room are
basketball court, my university, and even Genting Highland
it was beautiful, calm and serene.

Going on to my third semester
which is the present
my room is facing other people's room
because unfortunately
my room in the middle of the block.

I hated it, at first.

I noticed there is a guy
opposite my room
in level 2
and for the first time
I enjoy having to live in this room.

He is kind of a feast to my eyes
sometimes I waited for him at the edge of my window
blatantly acting like nothing
spying on him
whenever I can.

I feel like I am a pervert
fulfilling my imagination
using him as my source.

I am becoming more of a stalker
I even blushed when I saw him nowadays
gosh, this feeling should not be here...

Worried much?

I have heard a sentence
or maybe I read it
somewhere, some time ago.

"There is this guy, everyone knows he is a gay.
But no one says a thing, because he never admitted to it."

Ever since I heard or read this sentence
a thought always comes to my mine
"Could I be that guy?"
"Do they know?"

Yet, the truth were never told
and I will never know.

The sentence said it itself
no one would say anything
since that guy [me]
never admitted to anything.

I hope...

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Happy New Year

Though I am a day late,
but the mood is still there,
so, Happy New Year!!!

What''s your new year's resolution?
For me, if possible
I want to find love
like an experiment
I want to love and be loved.

It might not last forever
might even hurt
yet life is all about challenges
there's always a bumpy road in front
get your gears ready
cause this year is going to be hard!