Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Cuti-cuti Johor.

Aiskrim perisa cempedak! Yummy!!!

Steamboat. Eat till tour stomach burst out only for RM20/person.

Nothing much here. 

A pencil case bought at Puteri Harbour.

Nasi beriyani gam. I thought it was scrumptious, but my dad thought the otherwise.

Nasi Lemak ayam was indeed mouth watering.

Chicken chop, yet delicious. 

McD, I can get it anywhere but there was a day I was craving for it. So I went and get some. :P

Mee Bandung Muar. Extremely Delicous. Be warn, you need to be patience coz you'll be entertained  before your turn comes. 
All I did was eat. I ate lots of food and bought nothing except the pencil case.

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