Friday, 4 January 2013

I am becoming more of a stalker!

Even I, myself
feel disgust when I am about to write this entry.

I have been living in a hostel
since I started high school
my sexual desire was known
due to some experiences I had at the time.

Now, I am still living in my university's college@hostel.

My first semester here
my room was at the very end of the block
so the view from my room are
basketball court, my university, and even Genting Highland
it was beautiful, calm and serene.

Going on to my third semester
which is the present
my room is facing other people's room
because unfortunately
my room in the middle of the block.

I hated it, at first.

I noticed there is a guy
opposite my room
in level 2
and for the first time
I enjoy having to live in this room.

He is kind of a feast to my eyes
sometimes I waited for him at the edge of my window
blatantly acting like nothing
spying on him
whenever I can.

I feel like I am a pervert
fulfilling my imagination
using him as my source.

I am becoming more of a stalker
I even blushed when I saw him nowadays
gosh, this feeling should not be here...