Monday, 28 January 2013


Quick update!

It has been over a year since I started studying here in KL. I only realized tonight, I don't know the road in KL at all. Yes I admit, I didn't go out often. I spent more time inside my campus, lazing and sleeping the whole fregging time. My resolution for the coming semester, need to find KL friend and go out with him showing me ways around. I was too scared to drive around KL before, this is the time to break the wall.  

p/s: writing this while on my way back from a splendid vacation.


  1. hey, u should take a tour around KL..
    even im currently stdying in Perak, but i take this chance to discover KL..

    ive been to Ipoh and KL alone.. went to BB, KLCC and those places that have LRT,Monorail & KTM connection only..

    have ur time, and discover KL..
    Le Tour De KL my friend.. ;)

    1. I know the ways around KL using public transport, but not the road in KL. Need to drive here and there more I guess. Haha.

  2. Good effort of trying write an entry in English :)

    Good job!