Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Between tragedy and blessing.

I always, sometimes,
have an absurd thinking
and I blame this
on the dumb box.

Often in my head of mine
I thought of my life
fighting with cancer
with no chance of life
sparing only few months left
what life could I lead?

I rather think, now
I would be grateful
rather than of sorrow.

Why will be the question.

With me knowing how many days I am left with
would not you think I can use them to my best?

I be a good Muslim
pray the God to forgive me
ask people to forgive me
and me to forgive them
do good deeds
do what I was afraid to do
enjoys bits of my life
to my fullest.

I will die with no regrets
instead with gratefulness
for the opportunity God
have given me
to know my days
are gonna be over

To have a fatal disease is a tragedy
yet I see it as a blessing in disguise.

This is
an absurd thinking of mine.

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