Sunday, 10 February 2013

It is easy with God.

I am a Muslim
not a devotee
but I believe in my God.

People of religion
have their obligation
to serve and please
their Gods.

Though I neglect mine
sometimes, yet those sometimes
when I did
I did it right.

It is easy
when you have God
a faith.

If I face difficulties
I turn to God
asking Him to help me
my faith are strong
so as I think
if things went well
I thanked God
but I also know
asking was not the only way out
make a move
and that was what I always do.

Or I see my past
at my wrongdoings
anything to blame myself
to see whether or not
I am deserve to such treats
usually I do
and I accepted them
not easy, but calm it was.

It was the teaching of my religion
which helps me to keep moving
and to survive and
I thank my God for that
it is easy with God.

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