Sunday, 31 March 2013

Getting bored

My blog need a new face
new header, new layout, new skin
new everything.

Especially the header

Saturday, 30 March 2013

This is almost all

I don't need to explain my preferences no more.

Am I afraid of love?
both to be loved and to love

I've been texting a boy
lemme name him, J.
Cute, mischievous, and fragile I'm afraid.

He falls in love so easy
and once even asked me
to be his lover
my answer would be a big NO.

Recently he broke up with his
long term, long distant boyfriend
(you see where this is going for?)
He came to me, sad, worn out
asked me to take his hand
and be his next lover
firmly (might be a bit harsh) No again, from me.

I ain't no saint
PR (an abbreviation of a dating website for People Like US)
got an account there
found lots of guys
all they want (well some of them actually)
nothing more than a one night fun
but I ain't no whore either
rejected them
all of them with that particular intention.

One week vacation
reaching its end
*scream and faint coz assignments are not yet done*
It feels soooooooooo frigging short
*rolls on the floor crying*
Going back to my university tomorrow
*going hysterical*

Went to dinner tonight
saw a hottie waiter
slim, cute and very polite
unfortunately I was with my parent
but even if I don't
I don't have a confident to do anything
like flirting, or asking for numbers
just a smile from me, which I did give him
as a sign of friendliness (but was hoping more actually, LOL)

Well I guess that's it
not much to talk about
though I've actually listed 4 different stories.

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Basically.... nothing.

Ehemmm... *clearing throat*

It's mid semester break!
*Scream like crazy*

Get to go home
and do nothing
except eat, sleep and watch the dumb box.

By the way,
INFINITE's Man In Love is out
they are trending on twitter now * tongue out*.

Go and check them out!
Need to pack my stuff
it's a long journey tomorrow

Monday, 18 March 2013

Teary eyes

I went to an orphanage
an awesome experience indeed
but there is one incident
a small yet the impact was huge.

The orphans were given a form
to fill in their bio and stuff
so they did.

While things were being sort out
came this one kid
pacing his ways to another
who was sitting right in front of me.

"Abang, aku beranak bile?"
"Entah. Birthday kau bile?"
"Tak tahu."
Then he went away.

Having heard the conversation
immediately I felt sick
my heart felt pity for them
it was like being stab thousand of times.

He came again,
"Abang aku beranak kat mane?"
"Hospital Selayang."
He left.

They are brothers
that's the only thing I know
and I wish not to know more
for I think emotional conversation
won't be able for me to handle.

From that moment onward
I took my gaze away
going below
trying to stop the tears from falling
and put a smile face.

I pity them.

Sunday, 17 March 2013

The "WOW" moment

Let's not waste time talking how long it was since the last time I blogged.

I am rather odd,
last semester it was all to serene,
other than sitting in front of my table,
ate 'tapau' food,
that was all I did.

This semester,
I dived myself in
into the world of society.

One word to describe everything, "WOW".

It is wow for the fantastic-ness,
it is wow for the hectic-ness,
it is wow for the tiredness,
but it is also a wow for the awesome experience I had.

Well, that was the reasons
for me leaving this blog untouched
being alone on itself
without any updates.

I will go for now,
an orphanage is waiting
for my friends and I to arrive.

See ya. :)