Monday, 18 March 2013

Teary eyes

I went to an orphanage
an awesome experience indeed
but there is one incident
a small yet the impact was huge.

The orphans were given a form
to fill in their bio and stuff
so they did.

While things were being sort out
came this one kid
pacing his ways to another
who was sitting right in front of me.

"Abang, aku beranak bile?"
"Entah. Birthday kau bile?"
"Tak tahu."
Then he went away.

Having heard the conversation
immediately I felt sick
my heart felt pity for them
it was like being stab thousand of times.

He came again,
"Abang aku beranak kat mane?"
"Hospital Selayang."
He left.

They are brothers
that's the only thing I know
and I wish not to know more
for I think emotional conversation
won't be able for me to handle.

From that moment onward
I took my gaze away
going below
trying to stop the tears from falling
and put a smile face.

I pity them.

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