Friday, 12 April 2013

Self thought.

These past few weeks
a lot was going on
my hands were full
unable to even feed myself
(well that's a total lie).

Few weeks ago
I was an active user
of a site for People Like Us
nonstop or not giving up hope
I kept on clicking buttons
and more click
to search for 'my one',
'my other half' 'my everything'

Well that was
obviously did not happen!

I started realizing how the world
or people to be exact
depend much on one's look.

Each messages I got
would ask for my picture
and left me no reply
if they find me not interesting.

though how much I hate what they did
I did the same too
relying on looks
when choosing the other 'me'
so, I am not mad, at all.

But there's always a diamond
behind all the rocks.

Met someone who willingly to chat
simply chat, without having or hoping
something more than that
it was rather fun.

We even call each other nowadays
talk for hours
calling names
making jokes
yet names are still
unknown to both of us
it is a mutual relationship
and I am liking it.

Nevertheless, I realize
and will never forget
about the world we are living in today
perfection is something we want
but being imperfect ourselves
do we really deserve it?
Or most importantly
can we find perfection?
or does it just a dream men created
to reach somewhere they couldn't go.

Might it be true
who knows.

It is a question to ponder.


  1. Honestly speaking, physical look do play an important role for to look for "my other half." Like you said, can we find perfection? Well, I guess that's the reason why I don't find any, yet.

  2. CB & JJ,
    "other half of us" is not always what we called "partner".. sometimes, they are the one who always keep in touch with us.. the one who willing to share sad&happy story, sing a song together, enjoy the moments..

    "the other half" is always a women..


  3. It more better if the background especially picture remain secret. Most people only looking perfection,if not matching their type they might leave it.

  4. Beauty is skin deep. I believe in that. I don't care about the look. Happiness is the key.