Saturday, 11 May 2013

Always been, forever.

Dear readers,
by now you should know
that I have trouble sleeping at night.

When night reaches
people start to become inactive
I act the opposite.

When sun starts to show itself
people start to arise
I start to yawn.

Often, this semester
I missed several classes
all because of sleep.

Never in my life I did so
only this time
this semester.

There was one time
where I refused to sleep
traumatized or scared
of skipping another class.

the less sleep I get
my face becomes soggy
eye bags are clearer,
and my skin, urgh,
pimples emerge, pores larger.

I am writing this
while refraining myself
from falling asleep
because my class is at 8am
and it is 6.09am now.


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