Sunday, 26 May 2013

Inside story of my life.

Final examination week
and yeah
this is the time where I feel
emotionally unstable
F me.

My love life
am now 21 years old
young, am I not?
I have only been in a proper relationship once
it was short though
even the starting
started in somewhat
confusing manner, if I were to say.

With men,
relationship I mean
well, none.

Maybe I was too scared
or maybe I was in a state of confusion
nevertheless, I, myself, have no idea.

Well the feeling for men
it's always here inside of me
for women however
it sometimes trigger
so sudden that I would never have the chance
to prepare myself.

Melancholic as it is
I am never truly in love
I wonder, even it is my own life
who will I choose
between these two homosapiens
for to live my life with.


  1. lahhh mude ag budk confuse nie....ahahhahaha

    buat yg terbaik for ur exm k...

    goodluck =)

  2. Don't worry, you will find another new person in your life that can cherish, love and fully accept you just the way you are. In shaa Allah :)

    Hi, BW sini!