Thursday, 16 May 2013

Janji dicapati, eh?

Morning peeps.

If you have been reading my old post
I had mentioned that I've been
quite active in a PLU social sites.

Oh yes,
the temptation is irresistible
you'll find muscular build men
gorgeous looking studs
all showing off their assets
competing each other
wow, I said.

I am not that kind of person
I am just a passer by
or a spectator
looking here and there
saying hi sometimes
but that was just it
you cannot just see handsome men
at least say something to them, LOL.

when sending messages
it's up to your luck
or that person's preferences most of the time
if they like you
they'll reply your message.

Each of us has our own agenda
for me, sometimes when I feel lonely
*if you know what I mean*
I go there looking for people to talk with
there are people who'll respond your message
sometimes people with the same level of lust as me

I never met them outside or
revealed to them my phone no
it never felt right.

I have encountered people
who were just wanting for sex
I don't feel disgusted
I just felt it was wrong
to do it randomly.

You see
my life was not that clean and pure anyway
but it is just about principles
I don't go finding mates online
and asking for a one night stand
a relationship for me
should involve feeling
not just lust.

my fun days was over long time ago
high school was the place I turned to this
and it stopped there too
well just the activity
the feeling just won't go away
oh wait, I did met someone online once
during my asasi@foundation time
but that was the only time
and I swear i would never do it again with a stranger

yeah I am not innocent
but not a total slut too
I am just curious and lustful *LOL*
and so I channeled it online
but with limits.

Sampai di sini sahaja.
Adios amigos