Monday, 7 October 2013

All American Boy

He smiles, his arms around her
But his eyes are holdin' me, just a captive to his wonder, oh...
I say we go this road tonight
Now I know that that's your girl; I mean no disrespect:
The way that shirt hugs your chest boy, I just won't forget
I'll be sittin' here, drinking my whiskey;
I won't say goodnight unless I think ya might miss me, oh...
Be my All-American boy tonight
Where everyday's the 4th of July
And it's alright, alright
And we can keep this up 'til the morning light
And you can hold me deep in your eyes
It's alright, alright:
So be my, be my
My All-American boy
Ripped jeans, tight shirt:
He lights a cigarette you know I'm glad that she can't stand it, oh...
I drink the moonlight from his eyes
Now I know that that's your girl, and I don't give a damn
She's been cursin' and cryin'; she don't know what she has
So I'll be sittin' here, tryin' hold down my whiskey:
You tell your girl good night cause somebody'd like to kiss me, oh...
Of all the girls and boys to look my way
Ain't no body ever hit me this way
So won't you come back with me
And lay with me a while

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