Sunday, 10 November 2013

Get real.

Here is another gay based theme movie. Just like the last time, it contains very little sex scenes, but focuses more on the sexual orientation. Although I might say this is not as good as The Matthew Shepard Story, it's not bad either. Very 'light' story line if I can say that.

The thing is, with every gay theme movie, you will always see people like us get bullied, incidence that made them for who they are and more. One thing I paid extra attention was when John, the protagonist's lover made a statement about why he's gay. It was said that his friend took advantage on him, but he himself thinks the other way. He actually let his friend did what he did because partly, he enjoyed it. At first he claimed it was his friend's action that turned him that way but when he met the protagonist, he was assured or rather confused because he still likes doing 'it'.

I was in the same boat as John. The history was, my friend kind of molested me but I let him do it. Well, at first I blamed him for turning me this way, then I blamed my innocent part of me for knowing what my friend did to me and agree to it. But later, again like John was, I discovered I enjoy what was did to me. It was wrong, I know, however lust controls logic mind. The first step to my dark life.

 I will stop here now, revealing my past to much won't be good. Besides, no one's reading when I write my entry in English. I wonder why? I was flabbergasted by Malaysians proficiency in writing and reading in English. I am learning, my English is not perfect but I believe being shy and timid won't help to improve your skills even the slightest. I hope Malaysians especially Malays to improve on this part particularly if they want to compete with beast of the real world. Until then, adios amigos. Voila!


  1. I see. That's why you use English as medium of narration here.

    Well, the confuse boy is grammatically incorrect.

    It should be spelled as the confused boy rather because confuse originally is a verb. In order to change a verb into an adjective, the perfect tense (past tense in most cases) must be used. Hence, the confused boy.

    Same as - the marked ones (ah! nak tengok Thursday ni hihi)

    :) Read, read, read, read, read then only write :)

    1. Dear lol, I guess you wrote this comment using your real active account at first? hehe, don't worry, i've deleted your comment.

      Anyway, I only realized this mistake until you pointed it out! Gosh, malunya, lari! Haha, but in order to improve i welcome any comments of this sort. Mistake is the best teacher, ain't it right? I hope to see your comments more often after this, I'm learning, so just point any mistakes out, i'll try improve, insyaAllah.

      *btw, i've corrected the mistake. thank you, lol.