Saturday, 23 November 2013

My roommate is....!

Shocking news!
You know, there's this app on phone called Jack'd. Of course I have an account there, looking for friends, not more than that. Earlier this semester, a friend of my had an account on the same app. We chatted a bit and so on. On my way back, we met my roommate, my friend then said he seems familiar. That friend  said my roommate might have a profile on he app we are using. I denied, saying it's impossible cause he always acts pious, though not really.

Long story short, few weeks ago I actually found my roommate's profile! SHIT! I swear in my mind. He's online. Quickly I blocked his profile and I believe he never saw mine. I am very discreet, I do not want somebody to know what I am doing etc. and I am definitely not into the idea of having a gay roommate! I think, he believes the same. That's why he kept his secret tight. Besides, he's ugly. LOL.

Just now, he went out somewhere and left his laptop on. Lucky me I just have to look at it without even touching it, he left his folder where he kept his porn open! SHIT! I swear in my again again, louder! This guys really is gay.

My roommate is gay!

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