Wednesday, 6 November 2013

The Matthew Shepard Story

Watch this story, please. Gay or not, you can watch this for it does not revolve around sex. Instead it is about one sexual orientation, which is Matthew Shepard. Sad I may say but I would say no more.

Like the story, what we are, what we are to face everyday is very challenging. There's a Malay movie, Sutun, the main character said what we are now is actually God's test to us, to see how we face it because he created us strong and not weak. God does not give challenges that man cannot take.

Even that said, I am not begging for mere sympathy from dear readers, I just want to convey this story of our lives or at least what my lives all this while. We mix with 'normal' people, straight that is, we pretend that we are them, sexual preference, though we are not. I guess, that is find. We can still live with that. Now, 'normal' people bash people like us, gays. Because we are pretending, we either have to agree or say nothing. I do the later. It is inevitably sad to say cruel stuff to people you know you are apart of it. Hear the bad words from your own friends and family members, to know the people you care hate people like you just killing you.

There is no one you can go and ask for their shoulders to cry for, or time to listen to you, none. Basically we live alone in this world. People around you do not know you for who you are and they are definitely do not love you for what you are since truth are never for them to know. It is just a fake life we created for them and for us, really, to stay alive and to keep the happiness.

No, I don't ask for sympathy. I just want anyone who reads my blog to know what i feel to be people like us, me.

Sincerely, CB.

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  1. Couldn't agree me with your statement. Be strong and remember only God can judge us