Friday, 20 December 2013

Jang - Inchik S.

I promised to write everyday, am I not?

Unfortunately I was overwhelmed with assignments and other tasks, so things were a little hectic for me. But fear not since classes are over now, it's the start of study week! No class, no assignment, and I am going back and pamper myself with a lot of movies. Not to mention to stuff my face with food, lot of them! LOL.

I never miss to contact Inchik S through Facebook chat, well even though there is nothing much to talk, since I like him, I just can't stop myself from harassing him whenever he online.

In our chat, I sometimes playfully called him 'sayang', 'baby', 'babe' or 'honey' just to show my affection towards him, and how thick face I am. Anyway, these few days his chat on Facebook  started with 'Jang'. He calls me Jang now! I am super excited. You know why? Because I am assuming, since I called him 'sayang', 'Jang' is  shortened and shy form of 'sayang'. *dush*

Yes, I am delusional. At least, there's a relation, he didn't get mad at me for calling him sayang or other manja-manja names I had been using on him. I shall take that as a good sign, hehe. Anyways, Jang is getting me excited all over the place. I even rant about this on twitter even though I know he reads, more to stalk, my twitter posts. I don't care, it's just name, no sins  we'll get from this (except for sins of naughty thoughts I might have now, lalala).

Until then, see y'alls! Bye. ;)

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