Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Movie Night

Ahhh tonight has never been any better.

Basically, I went out with some friends to watch 47 Ronin. We planned to watch the 9.50pm show but it since we arrived there quite late, only the most front sits were available. We were definitely not going to risk our neck from breaking and eyes from soaring. So, we ended up with the midnight show.

Now, one of my friend was joking in a very sexual and erotic way to me and only me. He is very good looking, handsome indeed. But his attitude makes his look, for me at least, does not match. I didn't like his constant 'joke' on me. Flirting with me, saying sexual slurs etc. Because I gave unpleasant reaction to his flirting joke, he tried it on Inchik S. Yes, he was there with us. There's no way I went there without him, LOL. Anyway, Inchik S hated his joke too, he avoided this annoying friend at all.

Why did I talk about this. Here's the thing, I wanted to test Inchik S's reaction if I was the one who did that. Well, I didn't actually do it in a joke form, just held his arm for no reason, and he did not avoid it or said nothing about it. Instead, he just let me held his arm. I didn't hold his arm like a girl did to a boy, well, it was kind of awkward way of holding but it is also (and should be) awkward because I was holding his arm with no reason whatsoever. Yet, I know he let me held him. Asking me what to eat, standing very close to me until our body touched each other. In my mind, I was like screaming in joy. I was and am happyyyyy!!!

He's unpredictable sometimes, his signs. Or maybe it was me who mistook him. I don't know, what I know is that I am on cloud nine now. Ahhhh, I just feel awesome tonight.

*let me be in my imagination.


  1. As a fujoshi, I found this very cute. Haha

    1. I had to recall whom I was talking about, the hated friend of course. Tapi bila bace balik post ni, I myself rasa seronok balik. hahahahaha :P