Thursday, 12 December 2013

new beginning


No, I did not abandon this blog. I did log in once i a while, checking up new posts from blogger friends etc.

Today's class, my lecturer asked the class to write not a journal she said, but a daily log. She wanted us to practice pouring or describing our thought in form of words. Well she has a point, I do have a bit of problem transcribing my thoughts into writing though. I guess I will follow her advice. Maybe tiny bit of rant, nonsense or whatever. And maybe little bit of grammatical error, literal translation since English is not my mother tongue but things are not going to improve if I did not do something, ain't it right?

So let just count this as my first daily rant, or maybe hourly?! LOL, I might end up bitching about someone here, I'll try to refrain myself nevertheless. By the way, I intentionally put pictures of Inchik S and me, just because. Good day, see y'all next time.

Inchik S's and my foot.

We went to Bukit Merah.

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