Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Of sad and depressing movie

Even though it is final exams, I still have the time to watch drama series. I just do not know what is going to happen to my exams.

It was sad, depressing and definitely river of tears flowed through my eyes. Pathetic ain't it?

I wonder why I love watching these kind of romantics yet melancholy movie. And I know, not just me, other people are just the same. As for me, I can say I relate to the characters. Happy ending or not, there will be a character that hurts inside. Nobody realizes, pity him, sincerely I sympathize him. I think that character as me, was not neglected but overlooked. Maybe because the mask we put on made people misread what's in our heart.

When talking about love, whether it is straight character or the opposite, it is all the time unbearable to lose your love. Me? I cannot even love. I do not even know what to love. A man or a woman. Culturally and religiously need man to love the opposite gender, what more on marriage. Depressing, somber, gloomy, all the adjectives I can think of could not describe my feelings. Ahhh, this ain't right.

At least, through these movies, dramas or whatsoever medias, I can escape myself. Put my sympathy to someone else than to myself. Cry for someone else bad luck instead of mine, and laugh for man made characters' happiness rather than mine which God knows when or will I be able to find it. That are the least I can do. Pity them; characters. Pity me, pity me, a character of my own world of despair.

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