Friday, 13 December 2013

Team bonding

Happy Friday y'alls!

I have a sudden revelation to write a post about a team bonding event that I went last Tuesday. It was for a bureau of a club that I join. Fun it was, indeed.

We had chicken bbq, some fried rice, sandwiches, sausages and more. I was part of the committee who prepared all that stuff. Well, it's only for small group of people, so it's not that hard.

Anyway, after the eating and laughing stuff, we played games, one or two. It started of so lame with a game of telling whether the infos we got were fact or the opposite. Yeah, that game ended quickly. After we decided to end that game, we proceed with a true or dare game. Now the fun just about to start.

To spin a bottle is kinda impossible since we are quite huge in number, so we passed around an object while the music is playing. When it's randomly stopped, the person with the object needs to choose either to answer a truthful question or to do a dare. Well the dare was actually to eat the leftover chicken since we have more and everyone has stopped eating it because we were too full.

There's this one time when the object stopped at our head assistant bureau. I was so mischievous that night, I asked her, does she has any feeling while working with our head bureau for the past one year? LOL, everyone was eager to know and I didn't know how the hell I thought about that question!

She was very shy and timid to answer the question, but we get the signal! Then the object stopped at our head bureau, and I asked the very same question! Do you have any feeling towards her during this whole year working together as head and assistant? He did answer though, with confidence, like a man! Yes. Simple yet gave a lot of meaning. Then I asked again, do you have anyone here you especially fond of? Yes, she's here. Beautiful, white and is wearing a Jubah right now. Everyone knew who she was of course, I LOL-ed hard.

We have never realized that they could have something between them, seriously! They did their work efficiently together and it was awesome. I believe they would make a great couple, if they do. Anyway, that's all from me. Gossiping about other people.

Bye~  *wink*

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