Thursday, 26 December 2013

This feeling of mine.

I hate this feeling, yesterday I was over the moon, today I was depressed.

Inchik S, a name I mentioned countless times in this blog of mine. He is as straight as a ruler, but this stupid side of me decided to have a feeling on him. Stupid is the word suits me best.

I am a bit sad and depressed. I know I won't have Inchik S as my other half or anything along the line, I have been yielding false hope for myself. I can't help it.

This evening my dad said we might have to move if he got a promotion. It's only two more years for him until his retirement, so he said we don't have to follow him if he was transferred. At first, the thought of moving was delightful. We'll only have to stay for two more years, then we'll be back. Besides, I would love to see new scenery and places. Later on, I went lepak-lepak with Inchik S and other friends, I realized something. If I had to move, then I'll be leaving these friends I have here. Not to mention, Inchik S. Even the thought of it breaks my heart. Not seeing him for two years, it's heartbreaking. People say, distance sometimes keeps the heart away too. Oh my...

I hope, crossing my fingers for this hope, dad will get his promotion but we will not have to move away.

Inchik S, 2013.

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