Friday, 14 March 2014

stupid careless mistake

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Cakap tak mahu abaikan blog ni, tapi tetap terabai. Hampeh.

Few days ago, I was scrolling trough my Facebook timeline. "Ahh, this profile picture needs to be changed."
So I scroll along pictures I have in my laptop. Then I saw an edited picture of Inchik S, "I miss you", my heart sunk.

Without any intention, carelessly and stupidly I clicked on the picture. "FUCK!". The picture was uploading.
"Gosh, gosh, gosh. What should I do? Stop uploading!" I quickly clicked the remove picture button. The picture was removed. "Fuuhhh, nasib baik."

Right after that I posted a status, "Nasib baik tak terupload." The post appeared on screen, BUT, the thumbnail showed picture of Inhcik S! "FUCK again!"

In a lightning speed I changed the picture into ONLY ME viewers choice. Deleted the picture and deactivated my Facebook account. Apparently I removed my initial profile picture yet Inchik S's picture was still uploading. Terkejut habes, my heart almost gave up on me!

Extreme anxiety struck me because my friends and Inchik S himself was online at the time when the incident occurred. That explains why I deactivated my account for a short time. I am hoping no one saw that picture. From making the picture private until I deleted it, it took me around 1 minute. Only yesterday I activated my account and luckily no one asked anything. Feel stupid for having done that careless mistake.

A secret I kept so intense was on the verge of bursting because of my incapability. Shoot I said to myself.

This sacred picture I keep so secretly went out to
public for a minute time. I failed myself.


  1. wat if inchik S see that pic on that moment...... i think u will trouble..... huhu