Wednesday, 2 April 2014

I am dying, slowly and painfully.

Have I not told you guys I am busy? Oh yes, so many effing times.

Handling programmes at 6 orphanages is not an easy task.
With the fund raising event is coming up, I will die exhausted.
I am a student, should be studying and not specializing in club management.

And feeling, can't you not get any worse. I am not becoming a bit bolder, eye-ing on guys everywhere. Shitty me, ain't I'm not?

Need to find sponsors now, and find medias to cover my events.
Good night.



  1. calm and relax...... pray..... u'll be fine...... gud luck brother!!!!

  2. Saya nak cakap sama macam Khai... Tapik beliau dh tulis dulu.. Makanya awak baca sahaja 2 kali yg Khai tulis..

    Serius saya x tipu