Thursday, 12 June 2014

Morning rain, Khamis (12/6/14)

Though I live,
it is not I am really living,
In this world,
it is like a window-less prison.

Though I laugh,
it is not I am really laughing,
That I look shabby,
as if I am crying.

Whom I love,
I couldn't say it,
I couldn't even show it.

I regret everything,
in the moment I fell asleep.

As I live,
As I live,
and become tired,
due the sadness I caused.

As I cry,
As I cry,
and become exhausted,
When it happens,
whom Should I think of,
even foe once?

I will laugh because I am force to laugh,
I will live because I am forced to live.

None is by my side,
I end up crying.

As I burn
As I burn,
and some still remain,
I burn everything,
until I am satisfied

As I live.

1 comment:


    Kiranya benar
    mahu menangis
    pergilah dikau
    ke tengah padang
    tangisan tercurah
    tidak terbazir
    tumbuhkan bermacam


    My friend wrote this. I think it is beautiful - and I want to share this with you. Heeee~