Monday, 14 July 2014

Ramadhan 16, 1435.

Half of Ramadhan had already made their ways, gone.

My fasting started with a bit, definitely not much, of test. Gastric pain came on the first three-four days of fasting. Barely make it, I held onto my patience which surely was tested. Made it without skipping my fasting even once. I gave myself so much credit for that.

These few days, I repeated Love of Siam. Not feeling depressed, but I just wanted to explore more of this story. Getting the escape from reality for a moment, tasting the love I could not get from this movie. Personally, this movie is terrific, breath-taking. There are parts where I cry, laugh and feeling of smacking someone in the face also appeared. But nahhh, I am not going to do a review here (thinking of doing that in a near time).

Ramadhan so far went well. I occupied my days with sleep, lots of sleep! Nothing interesting happened, that's why I choose not to update my blog. Besides, the mood was not there.

And Palestine-Israel conflict is getting worse. Please, please, please pray for Palestinians. Not because you are a Muslim, but because they are attacked with invalid reason, injustice is happening. Return humanity, #PrayforGaza. A friend of mine, a Palestinian said she is worried because food supply is gone. She's worried what should she give her children for sahur. If you wish to contribute, please do so through most trust-able source which are Aman Palestin, Aqa Syarief or Islamic Relief Malaysia. They have their way to supple sources to Gaza. Please, I beg you.

Here are ways you can give through Aman Palestin:

Akaun bank atas nama Aman Palestin Berhad 
Maybank: 562263010787
CIMB: 8600460353
Bank Islam: 12029010047880
RHB: 21245760004907
Muamalat: 12070005133717
Bank Rakyat: 220806195922

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