Tuesday, 28 October 2014

My First TimeS

So, I was tagged by F.I. 
Sebelum ni dah baca tapi tak perasan pulak yang kena tag. Hehe, sorry lambat post. Post kali ini aku rasa banyak akan mendedahkan personal stuff aku yang memang aku jarang cerita kt orang, especially friends. But since you guys are my readers, and you don't even know me in real life, so it's not a problem lah kot. Here it goes.

First time: First kiss
My first kiss was at the age of 13. A fresh, young and innocent lad was forced to a kiss by his friend. Staying in a dorm at a boarding school, I was sleeping when this friend came to me. Unknowingly, 'things' happened.

First time: First car
Even now, I'm still using my first car. A student like couldn't afford to buy my own, so I asked my parents to buy it for me. I wanted a motorcycle initially, but living in KL made my mom bought me a second hand car since she thought it's dangerous for riders, a Proton Iswara was purchased. Alhamdulillah, I have been using the car to go back and forth from KL-Penang with ease.

First time: First job
Right after SPM, these young lads went for job hunting. My friends and I went to this pharmaceutical factory and we got a job there as normal operators. My starting salary wasn't that much, only RM500. Very cheap one lor.

First time: First love
Relationship and love are different things. I have been in a normal, man-woman, relationship but I was never in love with her. I dare to say my first love is Inchik S. Never in my life could I ever like someone for so long, think about that person all time and so on. Yeah, he's my first love.

First time: First celebrity crush?
Nah, I'm not so into glamorous world of celebrity. I like them, but not more than that.

First time: First real boyfriend

First time: First best friend
A girl from my kindergarten, her name is NSY. Even until now, we're still friends though might not be as good friends as before. Still, she definitely fits this category.

First time: First teacher
My kindergarten teacher, Cikgu Kursiah! Yes, I remember her name and her mole above her mouth. She was kind, caring, patience and all the good teacher traits a person should have are within her.

First time: First movie at the cinema
It was after PMR. There were nothing to do after the big exam. The school arranged various lengthy and boring talk at the surau all frigging time. I was not rebelling against anything, but I was just trying new things. So, through front gate, my friends and I went out and go straight to the bus station and took a bus to the nearest mall. We watched Tangga 13, an Indonesia ghost movie which was not scary at all. Right after the movie, we went back to the talk which has not yet show any sign to end, and joined it again like a boss.

First time: First dormmate/roommate
I remember all my Terbilang 1 dormmates. There were 8 of us in a dorm. My life changer was in the same dorm as well. Yeah, we were friends but with benefits.

First time: First mobile phone
I was sleeping at home, relieving my tired body from a five days camp at Pulau Tuba. Wilderness camp was exciting nevertheless. Then my dad woke me up, out of sudden he took me to a shopping mall in Alor Star (we were living in Kedah at that time) and bought me a phone of my choice. It was a SONY ERICSON K300i if my memory is right. Yeah, so that's how I get my first phone.

First time: First competition I won
I was (not sure now) gifted in coloring. I won my first coloring contest during kindergarten. In fact, come to think of it, though I wasn't the best, I won most of the coloring competition I ever entered. Not bad CB, not bad.

So panjang lor!
Setakat ni jelah kot, tak nak membebel panjang. Mengantuk sudah.

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Hormones The Series Season 2 Finally Ended

I had just done watching HTS's last episode. I'm a bit late, I know. Yet, there's nothing I can do.

First of all, like I had previously posted, reality is not always beautiful. What you did in the past, will always has effect on you, either physically or mentally. And script writers, producers or who ever did this last episode of HTS did just that. In fact, it was done perfectly beautiful.

As this is the last episode, story line was about the characters were ending their last and final semester. No more high school, university life starts right after. Each characters were given a chance to redeem for wrongs they had done. Some were forgiven while some, well they just have to learn to live with guilt and consequences for their entire life.

Everything was subtle, the apologizing, the forgiving and so as the hatred (wasn't that subtle actually). Words are a medium to express thoughts, but through good acting (I'm not saying they are great though), emotions are delivered. The actors did just damn right. I cried quite a lot of time.

All in all, it's not a heavy plot. I believe viewers could easily relate themselves through these representations the the characters. Yes, some might not given the end they wanted because apparently the world is not a wish granting factory. Nevertheless, the end is applause-able.

Thank you for giving me such a wonderful season of drama. Hope to see more beautiful piece in season 3.

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Not every cloud has a silver lining

Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha to those who celebrate it.

I just watched Hormones The Series (HTS) episode 12. I read some comments from other viewers. They were saying season 2 of this series is becoming depressing. It is all about tragedy, one after another. Never a happy moment.

Some viewers might demand happy ending for each episode. They said, these viewers want to use series as such to run from reality and let them drunk in fantasies. They forget, there are also viewers who want to relate themselves to such portrayed incidents in HTS. They want to feel belonged. They want to know they are not alone. There are these kind of viewers and I believe this is what the producers are trying to approach.

Here's what I thought, since HTS draws on social issues among teenagers of Thailand, you bet there are always problems. Speak the truth although it hurts. What HTS portrays is happening there, in fact, in Malaysia as well. A mistake you did in the past, in reality, will haunt you forever. There's never a happy ending. You did what you did, and there will be consequences. If it is not in the form of physical, emotionally, you will be affected. But life don't wait for you to grieve, we live with it. Move on while finding a way to live for what you have done.

I did.

Eventhough depressing moments were always in this series, back to the producer's target group, what the characters felt and gone through might give them hope and help, morally. Some people just want a bit of love and attention, they want to be recognized. They are here, they are alive and they want your help.

Less hatred, more love and stop judging.

I hope this feeling I am having towards this man ends. This is a wish I am wishing.