Thursday, 16 October 2014

Hormones The Series Season 2 Finally Ended

I had just done watching HTS's last episode. I'm a bit late, I know. Yet, there's nothing I can do.

First of all, like I had previously posted, reality is not always beautiful. What you did in the past, will always has effect on you, either physically or mentally. And script writers, producers or who ever did this last episode of HTS did just that. In fact, it was done perfectly beautiful.

As this is the last episode, story line was about the characters were ending their last and final semester. No more high school, university life starts right after. Each characters were given a chance to redeem for wrongs they had done. Some were forgiven while some, well they just have to learn to live with guilt and consequences for their entire life.

Everything was subtle, the apologizing, the forgiving and so as the hatred (wasn't that subtle actually). Words are a medium to express thoughts, but through good acting (I'm not saying they are great though), emotions are delivered. The actors did just damn right. I cried quite a lot of time.

All in all, it's not a heavy plot. I believe viewers could easily relate themselves through these representations the the characters. Yes, some might not given the end they wanted because apparently the world is not a wish granting factory. Nevertheless, the end is applause-able.

Thank you for giving me such a wonderful season of drama. Hope to see more beautiful piece in season 3.


  1. (nombor-nombor jadi tanda
    pada kamus di tangan
    hati pun tertanya-tanya
    apakah isi kandungan)

    1 - THANK

    (kurius dan selak)

    2 - YOU

    (senyum dan selak)

    3 - BROTHER

    (puas, redha, terharu, terindah!)


    Tapi kan lagi bagus,

    3 - LOVE


  2. la.... ramai jugak rupanya fans HTS kat Malaysia ni. hmmmm... dalam soompi ada beberapa kerat aje.

    "In fact, it was done perfectly beautiful."

    me: 100% agree :)