Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Not every cloud has a silver lining

Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha to those who celebrate it.

I just watched Hormones The Series (HTS) episode 12. I read some comments from other viewers. They were saying season 2 of this series is becoming depressing. It is all about tragedy, one after another. Never a happy moment.

Some viewers might demand happy ending for each episode. They said, these viewers want to use series as such to run from reality and let them drunk in fantasies. They forget, there are also viewers who want to relate themselves to such portrayed incidents in HTS. They want to feel belonged. They want to know they are not alone. There are these kind of viewers and I believe this is what the producers are trying to approach.

Here's what I thought, since HTS draws on social issues among teenagers of Thailand, you bet there are always problems. Speak the truth although it hurts. What HTS portrays is happening there, in fact, in Malaysia as well. A mistake you did in the past, in reality, will haunt you forever. There's never a happy ending. You did what you did, and there will be consequences. If it is not in the form of physical, emotionally, you will be affected. But life don't wait for you to grieve, we live with it. Move on while finding a way to live for what you have done.

I did.

Eventhough depressing moments were always in this series, back to the producer's target group, what the characters felt and gone through might give them hope and help, morally. Some people just want a bit of love and attention, they want to be recognized. They are here, they are alive and they want your help.

Less hatred, more love and stop judging.

I hope this feeling I am having towards this man ends. This is a wish I am wishing.

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  1. season 2 dah kluar.. last ahad lepas (malam raya) dah kluar episode 11.. last episode maybe episode 12 or 13..