Tuesday, 30 December 2014

The pressure

Jadi lelaki, nak pula umur semakin meningkat tua, orang mesti tanya soalan-soalan wajib.
"Tak ada calon ke?" "Kamu bila nak bernikah?"

Sekarang, I just don't have the thought of getting married. Parents belum mula tanya lagi. Ada la saudara mara yang mulut kurang insurans, kurang manisnya gatal-gatal mulut tanya. Biasalah, manusia ni kalau tak menyibuk memang tak sah.

Aku ada bincang dengan sorang kawan PLU. Dia cakap dia cemburu bila tengok kawan-kawan lain kahwin. Scroll instagram, gambar kahwin. Buka timeline Facebook, gambar kahwin. Dia nak kahwin katanya. Aku tanya kenapa. "Sebab aku kesian dekat emak aku. Kau tak kesian ke?"

Aku tergamam sekejap.

"Siapa tak kesian. Tapi getting married is something serious. For my case, I'm not going to sacrifice my life pretending I'm happy. What more, when you're married, you'll be attached to another person for your whole life. Aku tak nak rosakkan hidup orang lain pula."

Aku tahu ibu penting, Aku pun nak bagi zuriat untuk family aku, ibu aku. Tapi, itu lah...

Kadangkala tekanan dari orang sekeliling membuatkan kita melakukan perkara yang kita tak rela. This however is my current thought. Humans change. I can change my opinion as well. Let's see what future brings to me.

Monday, 29 December 2014

What is your dominant brain?

Kadang-kadang aku tertanya dengan kehidupan aku sekarang.

Apa aku buat ni?
Apasal aku ambil kos ni? Bukan minat sangat pun.
Nanti nak kerja apa?
Nanti nak sambung master takkan berkenaan kos ni lagi? Aku tak nak, susah.

(kesan belajar introduction to Psychology and Psycholinguistics. Both has topic on brain functions)

Malam ni, terfikir pula.

Ada tak orang ambil second degree?
Tak lambat sangat ke nak ambil degree kedua nanti?
Kalau dah kerja time tu, degree tu untuk apa? Sebab minat saja?

Nak belajar kerana ilmu ke kerana degree ni? (soalan terbakar diri sendiri)

Saturday, 27 December 2014


I gave a standing ovation right after the movie ended.

The movie started with adolescence age of the main characters; Berg, Ijam, Toyu and Ali. It was confusing, not really interesting, funny but at the same time heavy with the 'WH' questions.

Mind you, I don't have the exact memories of the story line, words and more. One time only tengok, mana cukup sia. (Insert your dialectical knowledge here)

First impression was on things that were visible, the characters. They are diverse in look, normal typical Malaysians. No one looks extra good-looking (not saying Iedil Putra is not hot though) or perfect. All of them had some flaws in their characters, which are good. "Yeah, I can relate to this", I said to myself (tiba-tiba cakap sorang-sorang).

I laughed a lot at the beginning of the movie. The jokes and sarcasm, it fits into my young urban mind (konon!). However, as the plot continued, questions that first came to my mind started to unravel. For instance, I wonder what really made Ijam hated Ali so much like he was his sworn enemy? Or what did Berg kept injecting himself with? Or what happened to Ali during and after their school years? Because every time there's a flashback of their teenage years, Ali was absent, most of the time. And why does Toyu is the one who seems to be normal?

Ouh, and a question I asked Redza Minhat on twitter, where did Sofia Jane come from? She has very little introduction, background information or conflicts on her character. I wonder whether her character was created solely to reveal Berg's illness and to become 'water' when there's 'fire'? I'm not sure myself.

As the movie still playing on the screen, the messages hit me. It's not just about restoring their friendship or  recording a film. It's about more of a process of liberating oneself from things that have been keeping them tied up.  It's about one journey to find his true self. It's about freedom.Staying true, gitu. Message received!

Ouh ouh ouh, aku suka part bila shooting had to be canceled sebab it rained. Then Sofia Jane decided to go out and get wet beibeh! It was refreshing. Adults playing in the rain, dancing and just letting themselves go. I even whispered to my friend, "Seronoknya tengok diorang main hujan. Lama tak buat macam ni kan?" See how it affected audience? See how berkesan the scene was? Yeah, you got me.

I won't be touching on cinematography techniques, soundtracks, effects etc.because I'm noob at that. As long as those previously mentioned are good to my sensors and tak kacau jalan cerita and truthfulness of the plot, then okay lah for you.

Frankly, the ending was quite unclear for me. I guess the UFO is just a symbol of Berg's death since scene lepas tu dia dah tak ada. From the movie, kena tangkap UFO but I choose to believe he succumbed to his illness. I have right to my interpretation right? Hahaha.

THIS IS A RECOMMENDED MOVIE FOR EVERYONE. Boleh jatuh hukum wajib kalau aku ni orang ISMA sebab movie ni orang Melayu yang punya, eh? (Tak nak politik-politik sini)

Anyhow, you won't regret your money and time lah wa cakap sama lu sebab ini movie memang terbaik dari langit.

Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Short update (24/12/2014)

Degree students are preparing for war! Final Exam!

While doing that, I'm also recovering from fever, cold and cough. All three at once. And all I did was sleeping, eating and continue sleeping. Yeah, lame. Apa-apa saja.

Wish me luck.

p/s: my carry marks seem okay this time. Dah ada subject yang lulus dah. Sekarang cuma perlu strive for higher grade.

Monday, 8 December 2014

When I was with you...

First, Selamat Pengantin Baru to my friend, Ibnu Kaula. Alhamdulillah, selamat diijab kabulkan. Maaf tak dapat pergi, tak terurus masa sandiri. InsyaAllah, kalau berkesempatan akan pergi kenduri yang sebelah lelaki.

Second, for my friend who have been reading my blog only when you're with me, stop it. Malu okay. You got my permission to read this 'cikai' blog, but never in front of me. Do it in your room, alone. LOL.

Now, on Saturday 6th, I had a very hectic schedule. My club organised a running event, so we had to stay up the night before for preparation and stuff since the running starts at 7 a.m. (was delayed since it rained). I had to deal with police force for security purposes and the experience was not a pleasant one. I don't hate police officers generally, but I hate the person I had to deal with. So effing annoying, arrogant and condescending. Now, now, I want to let the memories fade away quickly.

Nevertheless, the event was awesome. It was our first time organizing such a big scale event involving many people. I could say it was successful, alhamdulillah.

The best part is, Inchik S came to KL that day! He took a bus and arrived at wee hour, so I had to pick him up at Pudu Central. I would do anything for him. Besides, like I said before, the whole crew and I were not able to sleep since we had to do some preparation. Picked him up and left him in my room for him to get some sleep and continue with my event.

Because I can't contained my 'gedik' feeling (haven't me him for a quite a few weeks), I ran back to my room as soon as the last finisher completed his run. I did not even wait until the prize giving ceremony. All because I wanted to meet my beloved Inchik S, gitew.

The reason he came because he wanted to buy something in KL. So I took him to The Curve as he requested. It turned out he bought a North Face bag, just a bag for RM495. Membazir betul.

Still, I was happy he was here. Since he was already here, we went to Dip n Dip and shared a Brownie Crepe. So romantic. I constantly put my hand on his shoulder, rest my head on his shoulder, walk while our hands grazed one another. Tergugat nafsu kot. I really do miss him, a lot. Being able to see him, and touch him made me feel so much gratitude. I don't care even if it is public or not, I just miss him.

We took selfies like a lot and he seemed okay with that. We even poses in some pictures. And I uploaded a picture to Instagram with a caption, "Dip n Dip with (emoticon with love eyes)." He said nothing! Hahahahaha.

I even waited with him for his bus back to Penang. Yes, he came for a one day trip since he had things to do the day after that. A bit disappointing but glad to hear he's happy and would love to do this spontaneous trip again. I smiled and am smiling.

Inchik S, you just make my crush on you goes to another level.

Dip n Dip with Inchik S.

At IKEA, I'm cheaper than him.