Saturday, 27 December 2014


I gave a standing ovation right after the movie ended.

The movie started with adolescence age of the main characters; Berg, Ijam, Toyu and Ali. It was confusing, not really interesting, funny but at the same time heavy with the 'WH' questions.

Mind you, I don't have the exact memories of the story line, words and more. One time only tengok, mana cukup sia. (Insert your dialectical knowledge here)

First impression was on things that were visible, the characters. They are diverse in look, normal typical Malaysians. No one looks extra good-looking (not saying Iedil Putra is not hot though) or perfect. All of them had some flaws in their characters, which are good. "Yeah, I can relate to this", I said to myself (tiba-tiba cakap sorang-sorang).

I laughed a lot at the beginning of the movie. The jokes and sarcasm, it fits into my young urban mind (konon!). However, as the plot continued, questions that first came to my mind started to unravel. For instance, I wonder what really made Ijam hated Ali so much like he was his sworn enemy? Or what did Berg kept injecting himself with? Or what happened to Ali during and after their school years? Because every time there's a flashback of their teenage years, Ali was absent, most of the time. And why does Toyu is the one who seems to be normal?

Ouh, and a question I asked Redza Minhat on twitter, where did Sofia Jane come from? She has very little introduction, background information or conflicts on her character. I wonder whether her character was created solely to reveal Berg's illness and to become 'water' when there's 'fire'? I'm not sure myself.

As the movie still playing on the screen, the messages hit me. It's not just about restoring their friendship or  recording a film. It's about more of a process of liberating oneself from things that have been keeping them tied up.  It's about one journey to find his true self. It's about freedom.Staying true, gitu. Message received!

Ouh ouh ouh, aku suka part bila shooting had to be canceled sebab it rained. Then Sofia Jane decided to go out and get wet beibeh! It was refreshing. Adults playing in the rain, dancing and just letting themselves go. I even whispered to my friend, "Seronoknya tengok diorang main hujan. Lama tak buat macam ni kan?" See how it affected audience? See how berkesan the scene was? Yeah, you got me.

I won't be touching on cinematography techniques, soundtracks, effects etc.because I'm noob at that. As long as those previously mentioned are good to my sensors and tak kacau jalan cerita and truthfulness of the plot, then okay lah for you.

Frankly, the ending was quite unclear for me. I guess the UFO is just a symbol of Berg's death since scene lepas tu dia dah tak ada. From the movie, kena tangkap UFO but I choose to believe he succumbed to his illness. I have right to my interpretation right? Hahaha.

THIS IS A RECOMMENDED MOVIE FOR EVERYONE. Boleh jatuh hukum wajib kalau aku ni orang ISMA sebab movie ni orang Melayu yang punya, eh? (Tak nak politik-politik sini)

Anyhow, you won't regret your money and time lah wa cakap sama lu sebab ini movie memang terbaik dari langit.


  1. Redza Minhat on screen ker ?? Wah kena tengok nie. He is so my type. Hoho.

  2. aku rasa berg memang mati yang last sekali tu. kena tangkap alien tu just propa je. haha. aku suka all those words dalam movie tu.. and sharifah amani tu. suka gila barbie kat dia. haha