Wednesday, 18 February 2015

An ending or a beginning

These past few days, I've been thinking.

About the feeling I have for Inchik S, the torture I am going through, I decide that this should end.

I'm going back for CNY holidays. If I ever had a chance, I promise myself I would tell him my life choices, who I really am. However, about liking him, maybe I would skip that part. At least he knows. With all the hints I gave, he surely can figure things out.

I just don't want to lead a sad pathetic life anymore. My life right now is like a still water, nothing flows. I want to create a new path, let the water runs. With the decision I make, climates of feelings, life and relationship will change. For good or for bad, I don't know. But I must be brave because this is about my life.

My decision to move forward. This might be an ending or a beginning.

Wish me luck.