Saturday, 18 April 2015


Happy Birthday to me.

I didn't celebrate. I just feel like not to.

However, I must be honest, semalam when my friends and I went for dinner, tiba-tiba semua macam nak pergi clubbing. So, we did. Haha.

We set our way to Market Place but sadly the place was not operating as a club last night, it was just a fancy boring bar. By the way, I've only been clubbing once, okay. Since we have no other options, kitorang pergi la Blue Boy. It was my first time. The place is lousy, dirty, at a back of an alley, banyak tikus and lipas. Dan yang paling penting, banyak gila pondan. Ada pulak drag show last night, lagi lah. I was just uncomfortable, it's not because I don't like pondan yer, it's because of the condition of the place. Nothing fancy, all in all, it looks cheap. Sangat-sangat berbeza dengan Market Place.

I swear I will not go there anymore. Kot, hahaha.

Mind you eh, aku tak minum alcoholic drinks. Aku went for the ambiance and music, hence, dancing. Yeah, one good thing about Blue Boy is that the songs are okay lah.

Lepas habis clubbing, kitorang g Q-Bistro or something in Cheras. My friend said it's a place where gays go to eat. Sebab tu lah  aku nak pergi. I just want to explore things last night.

Arrived there and realised the customers were the same faces we met dekat Blue Boy, LOL.

Lepas tu pergi pula Taman Tasik Permaisuri since dah dekat and I really wanted to see the infamous 'gay tasik'. I saw pondan-pondan cari customers and then brave guys looking for casual sex. Kitorang just parked our car, tak keluar pun. Then ada this one pak cik datang tepi kereta kitorang and tunggu, signing us yang dia nak action. Gosh, scary. We just want to see, keluar kereta pun tak kot. So, we ignored him.

Then lepas pak cik tu blah, ada another car parked beside us. Mamat tu bajet-bajet hisap rokok, padahal cari batang. Haha.

That was it. My first experiences of a lot of things. The night was interesting la nevertheless. It was a revelation. I won't be doing the things those guys did, it's just I need to know how and why they did it.

Hold our judgement if we know nothing. In fact, keep the judging to ourself only.

Anyway, Happy 23rd Birthday to me.


  1. happy birthday little brother...

    kinda miss u...

  2. Selamat menyambut hari tua Zacky...

  3. Happy birthday to u !
    Happy birthday to u !
    Happy birthday to Zacky !
    Happy birthday to youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.

    Semoga panjang umur dan murah rezeki sentiasa. Amin :)

  4. Happy birthday boy...;-)

    Well, sejak La Queen dah tutup...dah takde tempat yg best tuk gi clubbing....Blue Boy really not a fancy club to go....

  5. This is quite interesting surface review of the gay world in Malaysia :)