Tuesday, 28 April 2015


Sunday, 22nd February, two days before Emak passed away, the memory still vividly remains in me.

Ayah had just bathed Emak. Kaklong put Emak into her clothes and put her back on her wheelchair. I pushed her to the front of the house's door. Emak didn't want me to fully open the door, only half of it. I obey. While she was on the chair, I combed her. I remember resting her head on my stomach, I was combing her while standing. She has lost all her strength. Even her own head, she could not tilt it straight.

I combed her, gently.

Dad came, "Dulu arwah Pak Andak macam ni la. Sebelum dia meninggal, dia pun tak larat nak tahan kepala sendiri." Dad was the one who took the responsibility of taking care of his late younger brother who died from a liver failure. Hearing his comments, I said nothing. I didn't want to hear those words, I never believe mom could not be cured. I have faith.

Only two days after that, Emak passed away. And I still linger with her pictures and memories.

I miss Emak. She never was a burden to us, even when she was sick. I swear.

Thank you Emak for the 23 years of my life which you had given me through your sacrifices. I will cherish our memories and your love, forever. The love shall never halt, even if my time stops.