Sunday, 24 May 2015

Emak's lovely absurdities

During high school years, I stayed in a hostel. Since even Form 1, I always went back to my hostel alone by taking public transportation. My house at that time was in Kedah while I went to a school in Penang. So yeah, traveled from Shahab Perdana to Butterworth, then I would take a ferry to Penang and took a public bus to my school. A hell lot of a journey.

Emak always told me to call her once I arrived. One time, I didn't.

The next day, there was an announcement made from the school office summoning me. Apparently, Emak had called the office and told them to pass a message to me which was to call her back. Emak was so funny. Somehow she could think of calling my school just to be sure I arrived safely.

While during my asasi period, I had to attend a Munshi or was it a Medsi test in UiTM Puncak Alam (I was doing my asasi in Shah Alam at that time). Told Emak to call me in the morning because I wasn't sure if I could wake up in time. She called and I didn't hear them calls.

Suddenly, loud knocks came from my front door. I woke up to see my cousin,, also living in Shah Alam, came just to wake me up. I didn't miss my test nor was I late, thanks to Emak.

Recently, I need to get to KL Live but had to stay up late the night before. A friend of mine whom I was supposed to go to KL Live with called me but since I am a deep sleeper, hell no I would hear those calls. He called my other friend whose room is just one stairs up. Like what my cousin did, he knocked on my door and that woke me up. 

The action triggers these memories of Emak.

She did a lot for me and surely I depend on her on lots of things. Rindu emak sangat-sangat.

I jotted down these fond memories so they will not be forgotten. Let this writing be her memoirs, a prove of how she was a great person to me.