Sunday, 27 September 2015

He just can't be mean

I'm not sure how I'm going to put this.

Finally, I had an alone time with Inchik S. We went for coffee and just talked. Career, life, his girlfriend and other stuffs.

I asked him, why can't he be mean? Just say that he doesn't want me to like him, want me to stop this feeling I'm having but he didn't say it. I asked again, why can't he be mean? He just smile and we ended talking about something else.

I did say I hate him, for not stopping me from liking him. For being so nice to me. For treating a friend like a soul mate. He ignored my hatred and gave me his foolishly cute smile. I hate him for doing that, I seriously hate to hate him.

I told him I about the existence this blog. How my readers found our stories were amazing, sad and frustrating. How people want to know me because of him. He was interested, but he chose not to know. Some things better be untold, he said.

Nevertheless, I'm happy we had the conversation.

Our serious conversation were triggered from a personality test we did. We were amazed by how accurate the result are, and I actually got to see his personality on paper. I feel like I could understand him better now. It is interesting how a simple test could know us so much. And how we ourselves were amazed by the accuracy of it. You guys should try it too.

Inchik S is an ADVOCATE, an INFJ person. While me is an ADVENTURER, an ISFP person. Take the test and see how accurate the results are.

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  1. i am also an ADVOCATE (which is i dont know what is that mean?), an INFJ-T (what was that suppose to mean?)
    that test make me wanna sleep...