Tuesday, 1 September 2015

It is never easy.

His house was just a few minutes away. I bravely took his hand and linked it with mine. I did it, like a straight couple does.

All the back seats were occupied,so he sat in the middle while I was at his right. After we dropped our friend who was sitting at the back with us, he didn't move. He sat still at with my arm linked with his. Heaven!

Moving on is never easy. But I know, and I remember this, love does not mean we should or could be together because love sometimes hurts.

Oh, aku baru pulang dari Medan sebenarnya. Coincidentally my driver there said this, cinta itu ibarat kentut. Kalau ditahan, sakit. Kalau dilepas, ribut. It's always calm after a storm, I hope.

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