Monday, 5 October 2015

Opinion Based: The unspoken culture of being a man

I read a confession at one public university's Facebook confession page. A man confessed that all men have watched porn in their life, frequency aside. I would totally disagree with the notion. Because in my life, I know a few guys who said they never, not even once, watched a porn movie. If they lie to me, then they lie lah, but I choose to believe them.

But going back to that random guy's confession, why did he confessed that? I think I could understand his position. It is widely accepted, or at least known, that men watch porn. Hence, the bias statement implying to all men (hasty generalization).

This for me, or at least I think, is a shared culture of the world about men. We watch porn. Hey, it's not okay but we watch it nonetheless. Why? Maybe because men are curious creatures. Everyone knows that, but no one does anything. Well, the ustaz ustazah will of course say something, hati jadi hitam etc. but that's the most they could do. In the end, it's up to oneself.

This culture is unspoken. We know it but we ignore it (some of us). But hear this, not all men watch porn, even once. Maybe the confessor mixed only with the typical men watch porn people. He just has not found that one man angel yet.

Is not it sad that men who watch porn are typical while men who do not are rare? Hmmmm, the harsh reality of the world we are living in today people.


  1. if they lied, they aint just lied to you, but to himself. but i do believe there are innocent guys too.