Saturday, 3 October 2015

What will the future brings us?

When a tragedy happens, life goes on, not even a time for mourning. That itself is another tragedy.

I can't say whether I am coping things well, or I just do not have the time to think what have I done. Becoming an important person in volunteerism takes me away from my own problems. There are people's problem that I have to worry more.

But I wonder, what will happen to my relationship, between Inchik S and me Are we going to be friends again? Or will he be mad at me? Or will we stay silence forever? I am not sure.

I hope one fine day, I could text him to lepak-lepak again, like how we used to. I know dreams do not often become true, especially in my case, but there is no harm in hoping. Hope is what makes us alive after all. So, I hope my hope does not stay as hope.

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