Sunday, 15 November 2015

If I only have a day to live, what would I do?

A few days ago, a friend approached me asking for help. He is doing a research on morphological syntax structure between final year students and form 5 students. He needed me to write an essay with the above title for him to analyse. Interesting title was not it? Below is the essay I wrote for him with a bit more of addition of course, so it suits the blog.


To be forced with just one more day to live is certainly unfair. There are many things still uncheck from my to-do-list. A lot of knowledge to be learned, debts to be paid, adventures to be conquered and love to be cherished. Yet, if I have to choose, I would choose not among all of the things I have listed. Instead, I choose to live as myself because for me that is the happiest thing I could ever wish for.

To start off, I would tell everyone I love, "I love you", regardless of who they are. Because these people could be my parents, siblings, friends, a silly crush or even a total stranger. Hey, why not? At least I can express myself freely. At least I would not regret for not even trying. Who knows, maybe just my luck someone I confessed accept my confession. Finger crossed. He or she too might have been dreading to tell me his love and when I confessed, both of our dreams come true. A lovely happy ending, right? I hope so. Or maybe Inchik S would even suddenly come out. HAHAHA.

Next, I would write a letter of apology, or maybe just a message to everyone I know regardless I have or have not done anything wrong to them. One thing I do not like in my life is for people to be mad at me. So, I need to apologize. We are not living in this world alone. Sometimes, the things we did might hurt others without us knowing it. There is no harm in apologizing, just do it.

Apart from that, I would want to spend as much time as I could with the people I love especially my family and close friends. Let us have a good last laugh together. I want our happy moment to be their last memory of me. I want them to know how much I love and appreciate them. I want to thank them for all the things they have done for me and all the the time they have spent with me. I really want them to know I appreciate them so damn much. I do not want any of them to feel any regret for not doing the best they could, because they actually did. I do not want them to cry when I am gone because I believe this departure is temporary, there will be time where we will meet again, if God permits. I will always pray for the best for everyone.

People might wonder, don't I have anything physical that I want to do. Of course I have. But let's be real, in the span on one day, it is almost impossible to accomplish everything. I will just settle with living with no bad feelings towards other people and most importantly, be surrounded with the people I love.  That alone would be a beautiful ending. Cheers.

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