Sunday, 6 March 2016

Know my place

"Ha, boleh buat menantu kot. Bagus Zacky ni." 

"Itu la, kalau ada anak perempuan sorang lagi memang dah buat menantu pun."

Yesterday was a kenduri for Inchik S's sister. As a good friend, I offered to help with anything. Biasalah kenduri, mostly some labor stuff; susun kerusi meja, angkat goodie bags and so on. Oh, I also baked a brownie for his whole family, not for him ONLY mind you. Since that's the only thing I can give, yeah why not.

While we were resting at his living with all of his other relatives, Inchik S's mom flattered my baking skill, hehe. Out of nowhere, the above dialogue occurred between his mom and him.

Frankly, I was very confused, my reaction was only a silly, clueless smile. It was so easy of him to say those words, even in front of me. He knows I liked him, he should know I like guys. Why did he ever have to say that? Or, does he think I only like him, and not guys? Nevertheless, I was in denial, I could not believe he said that in front of him. A part of me felt really really sad. Then it snapped, I still have feelings for him, even just a little.

I was so devastated, I am merely a good friend for him and will always be. I should know my place now and forever.


  1. Calon menantu idaman mertua sangat !

  2. He tried to act as your bff. Don't be soft dear ... :p

  3. or perhaps, dia cuba bagitau perasaan dia secara x langsung...? hoho

    1. maksudnya? bagitahu yang, "Boy, I like you but I don't want you. Get a girl, boy". Macam tu? hahaha

  4. mungkin cuma berbasi2...just sebuah conversation

    ignore je

  5. u ni mesti pandai masak kan...tak yah ambil serius apa yang dia cakap tu, mungkin dia bergurau je..