Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Urban Zakappa's I Don't Love You

Irony, it reminds me of my love towards Inchik S. It was a long 5 years. It has also been 1 year and 6 months since we moved in together as roommates. But the rejected confession, constant neglection have pushed us apart so far away that it's hard to reattach. Irony how once I loved him so much. But now, I rarely care what he does, what's happening to him, nothing.
I don't love you.
There's nothing more I can say except from that. He has a special place in my heart, because he was once a person I loved so deeply. However, past is past. I don't dwell on them too much. I know, he is a great man. He can be special to someone else, but not to me. I am just too tired to even care of him nowadays. I wish both of us will move forward in life, and love each other as friends.

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