Wednesday, 14 February 2018


Today I woke up from my sleep drenched in sweat. I know I perspire a lot, but I can’t seem to remember the last time I sweat during my sleep.

Back then, Emak woke me up for Subuh every single day. And every day too, she will see me soaked in sweat. My room was small. Air circulation was almost none existence (I just don’t like to open the window). So it can get a bit warm after a while.

I think she always feel bad for me. We could not afford an aircond then. Instead, she got me an air cooler as an alternative. It was basically a fan where you can put water and ice cubes in it. It was supposed to help bringing down the temperature by a few degree celcius, but it did not. It was a few hundreds ringgit still. Ayah got a small bonus from his workplace, that was the money she used.

Despite it being almost useless ( I was also lazy to prepare ice cubes and change the water every now and then), I appreciate her kindness. We were not well off, only the basics, nothing fancy, but Emak & Ayah worked hard to make sure all of us got our needs.

My parents were not well educated, not from rich families. Knowing this, they know my sister and I should not go through the same. And they also a firm believer education is the way to success. I too have the same opinion.

My parents never cease to amaze me. They are the reason who I am today! May Allah will grant them happiness. Happy 31st anniversary! 


  1. Happy anniversary!. Sweetnya, first time baca blogger buat entry anniversary parents.

  2. Good boy. Great child came from great parents.