Sunday, 25 February 2018

The woman who strived for progress

She worked really hard to make sure her children get the best education, extra classes and necessary reading materials. One she told me, if it was about education, she does not mind spending on it. She knows we were not well of, we barely had enough food served on the table. Spending some extra cash was rare, it was luxury. But she would not mind too, working hard earning the extra bucks for her children. She knows opportunities one can miss without education, at all time she preached for her children to strive in their studies. I think they did good. Because of this too, I believe education changes one's perspective and opens door to many many more favourable circumstances.

She was an excellent daughter, wife and mother. She is my mom, Allahyarhamah Zaharah Mansoor. This is her 3rd year of passing. May she rest well. Love is forever, and always. I love you, Emak.

Happy international women's day!

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