Sunday, 7 April 2019

Hello, 2019.

Salam pembuka bicara. It has been few months, or should I say a year, since I last posted an entry here. My life has been too normal, hence the reason I have not been writing. I read somewhere, good writing comes when a person is either too jovial or sad. Being in between (read: boring) doesn’t provide you any good stuffs to pen down.

Nothing much happened in my life, except last year (September 5th, 2018) my dad remarried. Last Tuesday, April 2nd, 2019 was my last day with my first company that I worked right after graduation. It was due to retrenchment, but everything is okay. I immediately got a job and will be starting on May 6th. So, I can still survive yo!
Anyway, I just need to keep the blog alive, hence this gibberish post. I need to berak, Ta¬ta¬.

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